Alcohol Ink Ideas + how it can be incorporated into business

How does alcohol ink and business tie into one another? I was recently asked to appear on a business talk show and do something artistic/crafty.  I thought to myself, how am I going to pull that off with it relating to business? I'm not much of a business person, I'm the typical ADD artist who is flighty and is always seeing color and art and ways to improve things with paint or whatever!  I have been working with a number of different art mediums and had to focus on one. Alcohol ink projects came to mind! How would alcohol ink art be incorporated into business? Well, a couple of ways.  One, alcohol ink is very fluid and hard to control at times. So, if a business person is … [Read more...]

Using and Reserving Social Media for your business

When you are starting out on social media for your business, it can be so overwhelming.  Which should I start with?  What will be the best ROI?  How much time will I spend on each site?  Do I have time for every platform?  Don't stress, it's okay not to jump on all of them at once and know what you're doing. Reserve your business name My advice to the business owner who is new to the whole social media 'thing' is to go to each one and 'reserve' your business name.  This way, when you decide that you're ready to tackle the whole social media world, you will have your business name congruent on all platforms.  Now this is in a perfect world, right.  If your business name is taken in some … [Read more...]

Need some Inspirational Motivation – Weight Loss

I saw this video on Facebook recently and have watched probably 10 times.  Arthur is changing lives and he's doing it by sharing his own story about overcoming weight loss and health obstacles and not believing what others said to him. Arthur's journey is a true testament of never giving up and believing in one's self.  I am so drawn to his story as it has moved me so much to want to share it with you I have started my own journey to help myself get back to where I once was 5 years ago. Can you believe I had a 7 month old baby and a 2 year old when this picture was taken?  There is obviously no reason why I cannot accomplish my goals after watching Arthur's story. I can make up a … [Read more...]

Marketing Your Business Tips

Let's switch gears a little bit today to talk about marketing business tips {and your Etsy shop} today.  It's hard to have an online store in which you do not have an actual product for people to touch, feel, and squeeze or smell ... and actually sell it online. Here are some tips to help you market your business. So it is really key to have some sort of a marketing/advertising strategy or plan to help you through.  It doesn't always require a huge marketing budget, there are ways to spread the word about how amazing your product is. Many of us are doing what we love and trying to make it, so we don't have a lot of expendable money to spend on marketing.   We have to be smart where we … [Read more...]

Golden Globes 2014

With the Golden Globes set to air tonight, there is a lot of anticipation and excitement.  Including what's in the swag bags the celebrities get. I was recently interviewed by Marketplace Business and unbeknownst to me, it was aired on NPR radio the other morning!  A sweet gal from Fons and Porter I've worked with in the past emailed me to say she was listening to NPR and a story came on about Golden Globe swag bags and she thought of me.  THEN, she heard my voice!!! How crazy is that!!!! Here's the link to the story and to the audible of the interview. To have a chance of getting your handmade items in the award show swag bags, you can apply to get in with The Artisan Group. The … [Read more...]

Interview at the Emmys Gifting Lounge

An interview with Red Carpet Report at the Emmys Gifting Lounge at The W Hotel in Hollywood, CA. I love these guys!  They are fun to talk with! … [Read more...]

Sew it All TV DVD

Great news, friends!  The Sew It All TV Season 5 DVD is now available for purchase!! You may remember earlier this year, I taped an episode for Sew It All on PBS with host, Ellen March.  I taught the viewers how to make a fabric bracelet and a card holder.  For the written tutorial and templates, you can see it in the Sew It All Magazine. {psstt ... the purple magazine located over on the right sidebar}.  A lot of friends, family, and followers were unable to watch it as it did not show in their area.  In fact, I haven't even been able to watch it as the series is not showing at this time on PBS in Denver.  I'm very excited that my family and friends will be able to see it ... and so will … [Read more...]