Buffet Makeover with Spray Paint

Very easy DIY for your ugly buffet!

Craigslist is a wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL place!

I got this tired ol’ wine cabinet/buffet for $15!

buffet makeover

I love it’s detailing on the doors!  I HAD to have it!  The top opens and folds over for double the serving space.  LOVE THAT!!!

BUT, it couldn’t come in until it was made presentable {for our home}.

So, it’s been sitting in our garage for quite awhile as I tried to figure out how I wanted it to look after painting it.

Well, the day came when I just said ‘screw it’, I’m just going to SPRAY PAINT it!


Here’s what I did to it:

I spray painted the edges and detail with black spray paint and let it dry.

buffet makeover

Then I went over it completely with the brown spray paint {thinking I’d just sand the edges off a bit to bring the black through}

Well, that didn’t work so well with spray paint for me.  After sanding a few edges and realizing that only the original wood was going to shine through, I stopped and embraced the brown buffet for what it is.  I didn’t take any pics of just after the brown was on {it was dusk and the light wasn’t all that great}.

But NOW it’s in our dining room ready to be used!

buffet makeover

buffet makeover

Not completely in LOVE with it, but maybe one day it’ll make it’s way BACK outside for another paint job.

What are your thoughts?

xo Tara


  1. Maybe a cream highlight on the doors? Even a sophisticated (not cutesy) pattern in the cutouts might not be too bad, or a cool aged patina look. But I like where you’re going with this! Good luck!

  2. Tara! I think it looks great! Reminds me of a piece that I might find at Ballard Designs! 🙂

  3. I think a metallic finish – mirrored or gold or silver would make it look more modern.

  4. Jennifer davenport says:

    Love love love the transformation. What an elegant piece !!

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