Book Review – Finish Line Feeling by Liz Ferro

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Girls with Sole is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that provides free fitness and wellness programs to empower the minds, bodies and souls of girls who are at-risk or have experienced abuse of any kind. GWS programs include traditional team sports such, running programs and road race sponsorship, yoga, pilates and dance. Each girl in our programs receives a brand new pair of running shoes,a jog bra and a water bottle as well as a renewed sense that someone believes in them, so that, they may believe in themselves. {source}

Well, the founder, Liz Ferro, has written a book, ‘Finish Line Feeling’.  In this book, she bares her soul.  I’m not trying to be funny or throw puns {although, it is kinda clever}, but she really truly is raw and open about her foster home upbringing and her sexual abuse.  Liz was adopted by her parents when was young, however, even during her first few years of life, she had been in 4 different foster homes.  She expresses that she had a fear of men from this young age as a result of ‘traumatic’ situations she was exposed to in these for foster homes.

In ‘Finish Line Feeling’, Liz talks about how her mother really was in denial about the WHOLE sexual abuse that took place in Liz’s life.  This is a chord that I’m sure is struck with many families, mother and daughter or daughter and parents that are faced with ALL the time.  It totally SUCKS that she went through this.  I hate to put a ‘BUT’ here, BUT, had Liz not gone through her own personal hell, Girls With Sole never would have come to be.

finish line feeling

This is a story of a girl who had went though the usual stuff of adolescence {and MORE}, the difference with Liz is that she WROTE it in ‘Finish Line Feeling’!  She wrote about many of the activities that I did as a teenager, that I would never think or have the COURAGE to write about.  Liz deserves a Gold Medal for simply recalling all the events that occurred at such an early age and onward to where she is now with Girls With Sole.  There are events in her book that I think to myself, “yep, I did that, but I don’t think I would ever tell anyone about it” … just because that’s the kind of person I am.  I’m certainly not perfect, but those actions/events are some that I’m ashamed up/embarrassed about.  However, Liz made me realize that I wasn’t the only stupid teenaged girl!  Thanks, Liz!  LOL!  But with that being said, and not to be taken the wrong way, Liz reveals so honestly what her life was like from the beginning.  It seems like she didn’t leave anything out.  To recount all the events as a young child, a teenager, a young woman, a 20 something, onwards is really remarkable.  {I would’ve left things out all over the place}  To be so vulnerable and open in a book takes such courage that I can’t even imagine!

“Finish Line Feeling’ shows Liz’s evolvement in sports.  She made varsity swim team in high school, she went on to college and excelled in more sports.  She’s ran marathons.  She still runs marathons and much more AND now she leads other young women in the quest to positive outlooks in life.  They have a fundraising team Team LULA.  Please go to to learn more about Girls With Sole and Team LULA.

You can now purchase Finish Line Feeling on AMAZON.COM!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOT

Congratulations, Liz!!!!

Liz, I want you to know that you are a true hero to many girls.  You are changing lives right now.  You are redirecting these young girls’ lives from negative destitution to positive nurturing bright futures.

I would highly recommend buying ‘Finish Line Feeling’ for an inspiring easy read.  She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you shake your head, she’ll make you say, ‘Oh my Gosh’ out loud, she’ll make you want to make a difference.

 *** Disclaimer: I was given Finish Line Feeling to review.  The opinions above are all my own.


  1. That sounds like such an inspiring story of triumph! I’m going to add it to my list of books to read.

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