Be Bold With Color

I am a bit out of my comfort zone here.  Most of you know me to be very colorful and bright with my sewing projects and products.  When it comes to wall color of my home, color is a challenge for me.  I am about to be very bold with color.  I’m pretty neutral generally when it comes to paint colors in my home.
Not this time!

This room has been white for over 5 years!  5 YEARS!  Why?  Because I haven’t been able to decide what color to paint it.  It’s the front room.  The first room you see when you walk into the house.  It has been a catch all room, never truly having an identity or purpose.

Be bold with color!See this amazing piece artwork?  It’s one of the biggest inspirations to the ‘change’

Be Bold with ColorHere’s a view from the opposite side…  I can’t wait to see the definition to bring out the white of the staircase.

psst … The baseboards are going to be painted white.

Be Bold with ColorI cannot wait to see the gorgeous transformation!!

Here’s the beginning phase…  Please excuse the grainy photo, but, you can already see the amazing definition!

Be Bold with ColorHere’s a gorgeous photo of my beautiful purple wall…

Be Bold with ColorWhen it first went up, I had a bit of an adjustment to make going from stark white walls to this phenomenal color.  This bold wall color will definitely emphasize this beautiful antique tin ceiling tile artwork I put together using 4 tiles…

Be Bold with ColorOkay, this below is what kind of FREAKED me out and it all of the sudden made the “Be Bold with Color” became apparent and I must push through it!  My interior designer is being instrumental in my strength and trust!  I’m painting my ‘5th Wall’ as she calls it.  I am putting a LOT of trust in the process and trusting that once everything is moved in and accessories and furniture placement is complete that this will be more endearing than not…

Be Bold with ColorIt’s normal, right?

Normal to feel this way about bold changes?

The fear of it not looking good or looking way different than what you’re used to.

Overcoming the fear of BOLD change and jumping in with both feet, taking a leap …

It can feel very scary, but, after all …


it can be changed if it really doesn’t feel right….

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