Blogging Tips – What I Wished I Knew When I Started Blogging ~ Steph from Somewhat Simple

One thing that I’m constantly surprised with bloggers is ‘how do they do it?’

I’m learning so much from each blogger that has been here to share

{and of those who I’ve followed for a while}

But, they have multiple talents, jobs, children, pregnant, delivering babies, and blogging!

How do they do it all?


Steph from Somewhat Simple is here today to share her blogging tips

She JUST had a baby boy and you’d never know it

{other than her telling you … and she has 3 other cuties at home!!!}

Her blog never stopped.  The content kept flowing!!!

Kudos to you, Steph, you are a SUPER WOMAN!

Okay, let’s hear what she says….


I first started a family blog in 2006 and after spending over an hour on a simple post, I vowed to never post again because I just “didn’t get it.” Realizing that having a blog was a great way to journal and keep in touch with long-distance family, I stuck to it and kept learning. Pretty soon, I loved my blog and I loved the comments from friends and family. I even started getting comments about fun projects and activities that I did with my kids, and while I did enjoy the virtual compliments, I did not like the idea of strangers having a personal window into my family life. The solution for this was to make my family blog private and start a blog just for my creative outlet. Somewhat Simple was launched in July 2009 and it has been a wild and fun ride!

Here are 10 Things I Wish I Would Have Known “Back in the Day”…

1. Wordpress vs. Blogger: I started on blogger and stayed there ’til December 2010. I love blogger but search engines like WP so my numbers have more than doubled since my switch. Here is my opinion: If you plan to be blogging a year from now and you want to earn money on your blog, go with WP. If Blogging is just a hobby of yours and you aren’t trying to make anything of it, Blogger is just perfect. My family blog is still hosted by blogger. I tried making the switch 3 times on my own before I ended up hiring someone to do it for me. Saved my sanity.

2. Criticism & Discouragement: Learn real fast to deal with criticism and discouragement because it happens to the biggest and best bloggers out there. I have been slammed on a message board for a project I did and it hurt my feelings. On the bright side, it was a HUGE message board, so my numbers for the day were crazy high! I don’t like mean people, but sometimes you just gotta deal with them. The best way I have found to deal with them is to avoid them. 

3. Put Yourself Out There:  I started having more confidence in my blog when “bigger bloggers” featured my ideas. I’d suggest emailing the bigger blogs with links to your projects and dont sit around and wait for them to find you. You could also link up to link parties and ask other bloggers to “blog swap” with you. Blog swapping was probably the best way I found to get some more site exposure.

4. Grow Authentically: Don’t expect overnight success. And don’t expect to get rich blogging.

5. Keep Your Priorities In check: Set daily “business hours” and don’t overwork yourself. You will get burnt out and other parts of your life will falter. Then comes the guilt. Don’t let yourself get to that point. I love being a blogger, but I love being a mom even more. I don’t want to look back on this time when my kids are little and regret not spending more time with them, so I set hours that I allow myself to be on the computer and stick to it.

6. Be Yourself: Do what you love and stick to that. Don’t try to be someone you’re not, your readers will see right through it. And don’t compare yourself to other bloggers or try to pass their ideas off as your own. 

7. Let Your Personality Shine without being too Personal: People like to know the person behind the posts. With that said, remember that being super sarcastic or blunt may offend some. Also, too much of a personal blog mixed with your creativity doesn’t work well either. Its fun to read a little glimpse into an authors life, but when the blog ramblings start to make up more of the content than the actual creative projects, some may not want to come back. 

8. Don’t Rely on Blogging to Define Yourself: The sooner you realize your blog is disposable, the better! I used to stress over getting a daily post up, but eventually came to the realization that my life does not revolve around a post and neither do the lives of my readers! As much as I love to blog and it is something I am passionate about, I can quit blogging tomorrow if I needed to and I like that I can say that! 

9. Be True: Getting offered compensation in exchange of promoting a company or product is always tempting, but make sure your post is your actual opinion and don’t shove something into your readers faces that you yourself wouldn’t try or love.

10. Make it Worth It: When I first started blogging, it was all just for fun and I posted whenever I felt like it and the virtual “pats on the back” from comments is what I loved. Now that I blog quite often, I want it to be as profitable as possible. Sell ad spots on your sidebar, (start at $5 a month!) join Social Spark and Clever Girls, find an ad network and use Google Adsense. I do all of those things and it has given me just a bit of extra money that makes my time spent on the computer so worth it! I don’t have to ask my husband for money to buy his birthday present anymore! It is fantastic!!!


Blogging for me is fun and rewarding. As a stay at home mom, I don’t receive any pay checks and promotions for having a clean house and happy kids. Watching my kids grow and learn and laugh is obviously better than a paycheck, but sometimes its nice to have an adult outlet with a virtual high five and validation for my creative endeavors. I hope those of you who are reading this will get inspired to either start a blog of your own or keep working at the blog you have ONLY if you find joy in it. The day I decide the fun is gone is the day I will take a permanent blogging vacation. For now, I am going to enjoy the ride and see where it takes me!

Thanks for having me here today Tara. Have a great day everyone!!!

Stephanie Dulgarian
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  1. This is great advice, Steph! Thanks for sharing your beginnings.

  2. Dorangela says:

    Stephanie, thanks so much for this post and advise. I’m going to put your great advice to work!

  3. Also a great post and I am also a fan of her blog! There is nothing like having validation from other ladies out there who appreciate your sense of art, craft, style etc while you sit at home with your babies. THese posts are making me appreciate blogging even more!

  4. Narelle @ Cook Clean Craft says:

    Another interesting read. This is such a great series!


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