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hi all! i’m lindsey from the pleated poppy!

thank you, tara, for hosting this series! what a brilliant idea! i so wish i had read this series before i started my blog about 4 1/2 years ago.

when i began blogging, i started because a few of my friends were doing it and it looked like fun! i was brand new to the blog world and had only a handful of blogs that i followed. my first posts were all about family, our daily life, and crafty projects. i bounced all over the place with topics, but i don’t regret that at all. i feel like it was all just part of developing who i was as a blogger. i never had goals with my blog to start with, since i was just doing it for fun. i had no real direction until i began my business, which was a direct result of my blog. i think that this was actually great in hind site since i didn’t even think of being discouraged because of a lack of followers – i didn’t even know what followers were! the real turning point for me was my first comment from a stranger. up to that point all my comments were from my “in real life” friends. when i realized that other people were reading my blog, i got little butterflies from it! how crazy that what i was writing other people were reading?! the more comments and followers i eventually got, the more confident i became in my posts and my projects i wanted to share.

if i knew that my blog would evolve into a business i probably would’ve tried to be a bit more professional in my blogging (although i’m not really all that professional as it is!). after a year or so of blogging i opened my shop. i started a second blog just for the business, but running two blogs was too much and too confusing. and who wants to read a blog just about my business? so i combined the 2 and haven’t looked back once!

one thing i do wish i had learned before starting blogging was that pretty pictures make a big difference. i would post all sorts of pictures in the beginning, and now i really try to pay more attention to the quality of the picture both when i’m taking it and when i’m editing and posting it. i know blogs are meant for reading, but when you look at blogs like lisa leonard’s, they are definitely for eye candy and inspiration as well. so for me, pretty pictures are a must! when i was on a pc, i loved using picassa as a photo editor, and i still love using for collages and quick edits. i tend to shy away from using much of their cutesy stuff, but they do have some great fonts if you want to add some text to your pictures.

my advice to new bloggers is to relax. figure out why you are blogging, set yourself some goals, but if you don’t meet them, who cares? be sure that you enjoy what you are writing about – when you don’t then take a break and rediscover what you love about blogging then attack it again! i don’t advise starting a blog with the intention to make money from it. if it evolves into that, then great! but that is a lot of pressure to put on yourself, especially if this is something completely new.


I love Lindsey!!!!!!

Her words are well said!  I love how she states to not start a blog to make money.  I’m still amazed that you actually CAN make money from a blog!  Being sure of your intentions is key here.

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  1. Holy snap dragon you got the most famous bloggers on your blog. Girl I am jealous! Great job thanks for hosting this series I love it!

    • Chrissy! I love your comment!!!! I might use that “holy snap dragon” in my every day vocabulary!!
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the series. If there is anything you’d like to see, please please please contact me!
      xo Tara

  2. Great info on starting up a blog. I am a newbie to this whole blogging thing and would love to build my followers. I am slowly making progress and having a blast while doing it! I am a new follower of your fun blog, please check my blog out:

  3. Awesome series. I read every interview. I just started a blog last week and am a little overwhelmed with trying to learn all I can. I subscribed and will be back often! 🙂


    • Oh, great, Cami! Welcome to my blog! It’s a great series and I’m delighted to have such great bloggers participating! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Off to check out your store!!
      xo Tara

  4. Andrea Howe says:

    Great advice from Lindsey! She’s spot on 🙂

  5. Brook @ Being Brook says:

    Great tips! I love Lindsey’s blog!


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