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I’m going to start off by saying that if you are EVER thinking of attending or trying to decide on a blogging conference to help you along with your blog, Bloggy Bootcamp is the one you should invest in.  It’s one day.  It’s affordable.  It’s jam packed with USEFUL information.  There is a ton of networking!

The calibre of the speakers at the Denver Bloggy Bootcamp was second to none!  I truly mean this.  Check out this line up:

Amy Bradley Hole from Be Better

Jillian Tohber Leslie from Catch My Party

Aimee Giese from Giese Media

Danielle Liss from Kitten-a-Go-Go

Fiona Bryan from Bantering Blonde

Barb Likos from Chaotic Communications

Kathy Bouska from Mama’s Losin It

Jessica Bern from

When you have a sec, you need to hop over and view their blogs.  Some are FUNNY and some are resourceful, but they are all different as they all offer their own BRAND.

Here are a few things I took away from Bloggy Bootcamp:

1.  Brand.  You are your brand.  If you don’t what your brand is, figure it out.

2.  What’s your story?  When you know why you are who you are ~ convictions ~ NOBODY can knock you down!

3.  Do 15 Minute timed writings EVERY DAY without stopping ~ about anything you want.  You will hone in your skill.

4.  Become an expert.  Explore from every aspect, ask questions, be willing to examine you and your blog.

5.  Do you need to hire someone?  Realize when you need help and where you need it.  You cannot possibly do EVERYTHING.

6.  Draw out what you would like your blog to look like ~ where you’d like to see things where, have ‘white space’ for eyes to rest, consider the GOLDEN RECTANGLE design.

7.  Contracts!  with brands, ad networks, hosting companies, and agents.

8.  (offer + consideration) + (acceptance + performance) = OFFER

9.  Never accept the initial contract, read it, and go back with a counter.  They’ll take you more serious {and they usually throw something crazy in there that you might just not realize like you need a $1,000,000 insurance policy or something crazy that none of us have}

10.  HYPER LOCAL BLOGGING!!!  a totally overlooked and untapped market, people!  Network with your locals, bloggers!  WOW!  It’s really something, I really got a LOT of this here.

11.  Check out some of your local social media clubs in your city. is an example

12.  VLOGGING!  This is something I’ve been daring and double dog daring myself to do, but just haven’t gotten there yet. … great search engine, just sayin!

Pictures!  We all love em!!!

Bloggy BootcampA BUNCH of local bloggers {who knew, right here in my backyard!}  {LOVE}

Bloggy BootcampKat from Mama’s Losin It … simply put … hilarious.

Bloggy BootcampBlog Frog is a sponsor and Denise from Eat Play Love is the lovely model!  Blog Frog had make up artists there to give us a little mini make over for the wine tasting sponsored by Mirrasou {which was very tasty by the way … I recommend the Pinot Grigio, but I’m that kinda gal}.

Bloggy BootcampLaurie from Guessing All The Way won one of my Business Card Holders!!!

I was honored to sponsor a few door prizes during Bloggy Bootcamp.

Gals won business card holders, a kindle cover, a wallet {below}, and {the, then, un-released} ice cream pint cozies.

Bloggy BootcampAnother winner!  Unfortunately, I don’t have her name {if anybody does, PLEASE comment and let me know so I can link her here}.


Bloggy BootcampSparkly!


Thank you so much to EVERYONE that I met!  It was great to meet ALL of you as I learned a little something from each and everyone.  The blogging community is really a wonderful one and I’m so happy to be a part of it!

xo Tara


  1. Love it! Great summary and it was such fun meeting you – plus getting to see you twice more since! 🙂 Your boys are sooo darn cute – great family.

    • Thanks, Daria! It was wonderful to meet you too! It was great to meet your family as well! Nice to know the ‘full you’ behind the ‘you’.
      Now I feel like we are so in the same circle and we have no choice but to be besties! LOL

  2. Great recap – it has me even more excited about attending BBC in Atlanta very soon!

  3. Oh I wish I was going to a bloggy boot camp. None are very close. Networking with local bloggers seems great, except my locality is so small….I will have to look a bit harder. Thank you for sharing. Happy SITS day.

  4. Melinda Thompson says:

    This is such an attractive site. I spent more than my usual ADD glance! Interested to read about your blogging interaction. I write book of non-fiction humor, but the social medial world is fairly new to me. I think you have it figured out, honey!

  5. I will have to get to one of those someday, looks awesome! 🙂

  6. Thank you so much for writing this! I’m heading to my first Bloggy Bootcamp this year. I’m going to the Las Vegas one – hooray! It’s great to hear what you took away from it and to hear more about what I can look forward to. Thanks!

  7. Hi Tara,

    Congrats on your SITS day! Mine is tomorrow – I can’t wait. I also went to a Bloggy Boot Camp back in August 2010 and it was the absolute best bang for the buck – chock full of info and loaded with speakers that were almost ahead of their time they were so on spot with ideas and advice.

    Love your blog button and look forward to getting some inspiration from all of your creativity.

  8. I’ve been on the fence about attending Bloggy Bootcamp but now might just pull the trigger!

  9. Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos says:

    First of all HAPPY SITS DAY! I’m slated to head to BBC Philly this year and while I’m somewhat nervous, your post just showcased why I really need to go. Such great intel and wonderful people – it’s a must do!

    Now – I’m headed over to Etsy to peruse a few of your projects. I’m all about the earrings 🙂

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