Before and After – Goodwill Find Makeovers

Goodwill is the place to shop!

It’s seriously hard to leave Goodwill without buying something!

With my craft show that I had coming up, I needed a few props or holders for my products.  And low and behold, I found some at Goodwill for next to nothing as it was on a 50% off Saturday!

I love this curio shelf!  Love the price even more $3!!!!

Goodwill items before and aftera bit beat up, but nothing a little spray paint won’t fix…

Goodwill items before and afterBeauty, right!

You need to check out my latest Goodwill Makeover that cost me $4!!

Goodwill finds makeover! Buy something for $2 and make it look like much more!And this $1.50 sweet find, didn’t care much for the bees buzzing around on it …

Goodwill items before and afterBut, again, a can of spray paint can make almost anything look great!

Goodwill items before and afterGoodwill items before and afterPerfect for my bracelet cuff display!

And I found a GOLD wire Christmas Tree, but the gold just wasn’t doing it for me.  50% off, it cost me $1.50.  I failed to take a picture prior to throwing some black spray paint on it, but here’s the finished product

Goodwill items before and afterGoodwill items before and afterI loved how it held my coffee cozies perfectly!

I total for all three pieces cost me a whopping $6 plus a bit of spray paint.  The challenge of keeping costs down for my craft show displays is so easy just by having a creative eye and seeing the potential in found items.

xo Tara


  1. I love how you transformed these items from Goodwill! Each piece looks like it was especially designed for your products and I love the happy sky blue color!

  2. Exellent!!! Thanks for sharing!! Gives me more ideas!!!

  3. Brilliant!!! Love the transformation! The blue is beautiful!! Fits your products perfectly!

  4. love! great color!

  5. Great job as usual Tara!
    love the birds eggs! Where did you find them?

  6. awesome job, tara! everything looks awesome!

  7. I looooove spray paint. I found a chandelier in the trash and spray painted it for my daughter’s room. It looks fabulous! I also love how your louvered cabinet door hardware looks like a tiny mustache.

  8. I love what you have done. I also love Goodwill. Have gotten Fendi and Coach purses for less than five dollars. Designer clothes and shoes as well as furniture. You have to have an eye for the good stuff and see potential in most furniture pieces and you have the gift.

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