Bathroom Makeover Ideas

That time you go home and you makeover your mom’s bathroom because you can.

We recently made an unexpected trip back home to Canada (my uncle passed away), although a sad reason for travel, I made the most of our time spent there as we don’t get home much these days.

I painted my mom’s bathroom about 17 years ago with blue stripes and clouds.

It is time for a BATHROOM MAKEOVER!

Bathroom makeoverYes. Yes, I did. And she has loved it ever since.

She tells me that she gets compliments on her bathroom all the time (hee hee). Well, I suggested I paint it and update it some.

One thing led to another … I re-stained her tired builder’s grade oak cabinets with a beautiful cherry wood stain.

Bathroom Makeover I re-caulked her tub, because you know, I am the Queen of Caulk.

Bathroom MakeoverSee a great CAULKING TIP at the end of this post!!!

And my Dad and I replaced the original mechanism inside her toilet with a brand new one!

It was a busy visit!

I know, you’re probably wondering why I would want to paint over those clouds!! not! She decided on a beautiful hue of grey and the gorgeous scrumptious stain and I went to town!!

It’s important to wash the walls with TSP prior to painting, especially in the bathroom. Can you guess why? Well, many reasons, but hairspray loves to find the walls and stick! So, I definitely washed the walls prior to painting.

Here are some before pictures…

Bathroom makeoverMore CLOUDS!

Bathroom makeoverThe tired cabinets….

Bathroom makeoverI didn’t get a proper before shot, but you get the point.  I was excited to get going…

Bathroom MakeoverI borrowed my Dad’s circular sander and the boys and I sanded down the cabinet doors.

It’s all about family time, right?! A family that DIYs together, stays together!

kids diy Bathroom MakeoverI started with the paint and wow what a difference it made in this room! Great choice, MOM!!

Bathroom makeoverHere is a look at all four angles of the bathroom makeover.

Bathroom MakeoverMoving on to the cabinets, I want to just eat them up!

They started so tired looking, I mean they haven’t been touched since the home was built.

Bathroom makeoverIt was so exciting to put that first coat of stain on!

Bathroom makeoverI ended up using 2 coats all over and got a deep rich finish.

Bathroom MakeoverI was concerned to stain the melamine particle board on the end of the cabinets.  Concerned that this surface would not absorb anything, let alone the stain and that it was going to separate or just not adhere at all.

Bathroom MakeoverTo our surprise, it finished so nicely. I applied 2 coats of stain on this as well and it turned out beautifully.

This DIY bathroom makeover turned out so amazing and I hope my mom can get over the clouds and love it just as much. Maybe she’ll focus on the cabinets more now than the walls!

Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom MakeoverA quick CAULKING TIP:

Bathroom Makeover

I can hear her request for our next visit … her kitchen cabinets!!!!

I just know it!

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