Baseboard Update #6 – The Living Room

… Remember Them?

So, yes, I’ve been slacking horribly in this department of my life.

The Baseboards.

It’s pretty easy to do.  Not sure why I haven’t just done it.  Oh yeah, life got in the way.

The Golden Globe Gift Bag project, my mom coming to visit, Christmas, New Years, yadda yadda yadda …

Well, I’m here to announce that I have finished the Living Room {they have been done since BEFORE Christmas}!  I just got around to taking photos of them today … the crazy huge tree was in the way!



Do you know good it feels to cross this room off the list?  VERY GOOD!

Now it’s on to the Dining Room … of which, I think I might just end up painting the whole room while I’m at it like I did the office.

The furniture will all be moved and I DON’T want to do it twice.  Logical, right?!  Crazy, maybe.

Click here to see the schedule that I so horribly am not following.

xo Tara

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