An Etsy Tool: Integrate Email to your Etsy shop!

I’m always looking for ways to increase my exposure and sales.  I was recently contacted by AWeber and couldn’t be happier!  Here is a ‘guest post’ from one of the writer’s from them explaining the ‘app’.


Etsy + Email = The Marketing Solution for Creative Businesses

Good news for Etsy sellers! If you’re trying to amp up your marketing, Etsy integrates really well with email service providers.

Email is an awesome way to communicate with your audience. The Direct Marketing Association reports that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is a $40.56 return.

When you integrate with Etsy, you can:

1. Easily Turn Customers Into Subscribers

You can set it up so that when people purchase something from your Etsy store, they will also receive a confirmation email asking them if they’d like to join your email list.

Of course, you can also put up a sign up form on your website or Facebook, and grow your list that way too.

2. Create An Email For Your Shop

Pre-made email templates and tools allow you to customize emails for your store. Services like AWeber allow you to connect right to your Etsy store; you can select which products you want to feature and they drop everything into the template.

Here’s what the “Store” template looks like:

Etsy Email tool, stay connected with your customers!

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3. Set Up a Schedule

With more subscribers and an easy way to create emails, you’ll want to set up a schedule to send regularly. Luckily, most email service providers can handle this as well. You set the message up, schedule the date and time, and wait for the results!

Email brings in more conversions than social media or search engines – and it’s easy to do. Your customers will no longer go off and forget about your business; they’ll get your up-to-date information and offers so they can keep buying from you again and again.

Author bio: Crystal Gouldey is an Education Marketing Associate at AWeber, the leading email service provider for small-to-medium businesses. Crystal’s spent the past three years teaching email marketers how to optimize their campaigns. She currently writes for the AWeber blog, which you can visit for more tips on marketing with email.

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Another template option

Etsy Email App; Stay connected easier with the efficient email app

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