An Etsy Shipping Tip

I have had a lot of Etsy-ans requesting a critique of their shop and have obliged willingly.  I have noticed a wee little trend that needs to be fixed, or perhaps explained.

Shipping costs.

Shipping the item listed on it’s own should be how much you would charge for ONLY that item and packaging.  Most people are right on point with this, however, some I have noticed are way overpriced.  I have a few suggestions to help you with this.

Take the item and packaging to the post office and ask them how much it would cost to send it within your country and internationally.

WRITE IT DOWN so you know.

 If you have a post office near by, a majority of the larger ones have SELF SERVE stations which makes it much easier to get a domestic price, but you cannot send internationally with these {at least here in the US}.

 Another tip, look around on Etsy to find like products of yours and take a look at their shipping prices.  If you’re selling iPad covers and charging $8.00 to ship them domestically and others are charging $4.00 for the same product made of the same materials, guess who the buyer is going to with if it’s a toss up … yep, the $4 shipping.

One other point on shipping the item, most people are not going to pay more for shipping than the cost of the product.  If you have an iPad cover you charge $6.00 for and $8.00 shipping, most people are going to click through.  So, be attentive of your shipping prices.


This is primarily why I wanted to write this post.  I see this so often:

etsy shipping

Does anything look a bit odd here?

A lot of sellers don’t understand this part.

 Shipping ‘with ANOTHER item’ should be less than the ‘Cost’.  If you’re sending a product out and someone wants to purchase 2 iPad covers, this above example tells the buyer that the seller is going to charge $3.00 + $6.00 {for the 2nd iPad cover} for shipping, totally $9.00!  The buyer will click through and carry on searching because they’re not going to want to pay $9 in shipping for the same 2 items.

Take a look below:

etsy shipping

See the difference in pricing?  It’s because I know that if I send 1 iPad cover on it’s own, it’ll cost me $3.95.  But, if I send 2 iPad covers, it’ll cost $3.95 + $1.25 =  $5.20.

OR if a buyer were to purchase a product other than an iPad cover and an iPad cover, Etsy will calculate the highest ‘COST’ and add the ‘with another item’ to it.  Say the other item’s shipping ‘COST’ was $5.00, Etsy would take the $5 and add $1.25 to it for the total shipping.

I hope this makes sense…

If you have ANY questions or comments, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.

xo Tara


  1. how great this post is! very informative.. and now I have to go run and check my etsy shop to see if I made this error (which I think I did! hahaha)

  2. Great advice.. This should also apply not only to Etsy sellers, but to all online sellers!

  3. Great tips ! I don’t sell through ETSY anymore but I use PayPal shipping. Yes I do have my own kind of PO scales at home … I pay around $1.64 up to 3 once and + I’ve got tracking information 🙂
    I do agree when I see overpriced shipping cost – I run away from that shop 🙂

  4. Great article. Shipping seems so simple but can get complicated. You cleared up any misconceptions perfectly! BTW~I voted for you. GOOD LUCK!!

  5. This is so awesome – this is such great information. Thank you for sharing.


  6. Stopping by to show some TAG <3 lovely blog!

  7. What great tips for Etsians! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  8. JaneEllen Jones says:

    Great post. I’ve noticed alot of sellers anywhere try to make more money by charging more than needed. In this market with the economy most people can’t afford any more than necessary. I worked for a company in MT and they changed shipping and Handling charges according to who they were selling to. I always thought that was bogus. I’d go ask before I did the invoice for shipping if they’d made a mistake. I got called on the carpet for that. If we want to sell our items we need to be fair, not greedy, no matter what.

  9. Thanks for the great suggestions Tara!


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