Alcohol Ink Painting Ideas

Have you heard of Alcohol Ink?

It’s not what you might think … No, it’s not drinking alcohol while painting (that’s called canvas and cocktails, lol).

Alcohol ink is a brilliant colorful ink that is best used on non-pourous items such as tiles, dominoes, and Yupo paper.

(please see the pictures of those items at the bottom of this post)

This is a fun project that you can play with on your own, or with kids.  My boys LOVE playing with the different colours and shapes they can make by tilting the tile or paper certain ways and watching the ink morph and take shape.  They also love to use the stamp with felt and you can make various patterns with using it as well!  You will need a bottle of Alcohol Blending Solution as well to make the ink travel and move around.  It’s safe to say that no two creations will be alike, but I’m sure it’s fun to try.

Here are some alcohol ink creations I’ve made recently…

alcohol ink creationsThese are on the 5×7″ Yupo paper (that I love!)

alcohol ink artI just want to make a wall of these!

But I’ve given them away for teacher’s gifts, friend’s gifts, and more.

alcohol ink creations

alcohol ink ideasSeriously scrumptious, aren’t they?!

These hearts just came to me and every single one is different. But each one, spectacular and bright!  You can certainly mute them down a bit by using more toned down earth toned colours.

But why would you?


There are a bunch of different YouTube videos you search “Alcohol Ink” to see more techniques and give you some ideas.  They are so very useful and I’ve enjoyed many of them as there are many different techniques that these talented people have shared.

See the pictures below?

You can click on them and they’ll bring you to Amazon where you can peruse and purchase the products needed to start with alcohol ink.

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