Alcohol Ink Ideas + how it can be incorporated into business

How does alcohol ink and business tie into one another?

I was recently asked to appear on a business talk show and do something artistic/crafty.  I thought to myself, how am I going to pull that off with it relating to business? I’m not much of a business person, I’m the typical ADD artist who is flighty and is always seeing color and art and ways to improve things with paint or whatever!  I have been working with a number of different art mediums and had to focus on one.

Alcohol ink projects came to mind!

alcohol ink ideas and business

How would alcohol ink art be incorporated into business?

Well, a couple of ways.  One, alcohol ink is very fluid and hard to control at times. So, if a business person is frustrated or in need of inspiration of some sort, they could create a couple of paintings to let their brain relax.  It’s a pretty therapeutic artistic medium to work with as it flows and turns into something you may not have seen coming.  People surprise themselves all the time with what they can create when they work with alcohol ink.

Another way alcohol ink can be incorporated is to use it on the background of memes, website headers, business cards, etc.

The paintings are as colorful as you want them to be.  There is a huge variety of alcohol ink colors you can purchase.  There are a plethora of youtube videos you can view to learn how to work with alcohol inks.

Alcohol Ink and businessWatch the video clip from the Experience Pros episode that aired on January 2, 2016.

It was their very first episode, so proud to be a part of it!

Here some examples of my alcohol ink art on Yupo Paper…

Alcohol ink art ideas by

Alcohol ink art ideas by

Alcohol ink art ideas by taradaramadeit.comYou can also use it on metal, so I painted a metal tree and hung it on our Christmas tree.

Alcohol ink art ideas by

Alcohol ink is very forgiving.  I encourage you to TRY it out if you’re looking for something different.  You can also use it with kids, believe it or not!!  The boys and I often will play on ceramic tiles and have a great time being creative and artistic!

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