A year of short hair

Last year, I willingly and excitedly shaved my head bald to raise money for Childhood Cancer Research through a great organization called St Baldrick’s.  It’s a world wide organization that raises money and those raising money, in turn, shave their head at events all over the world.  They occur on various days at various venues (Irish Pubs are huge sponsors) and they take place in around St. Patricks Day.

Amazing story of a woman who shaves her head at St BaldricksIt is an experience that can change many lives in different ways.  It can change a child’s life, a child’s family’s life, and the shavee’s life.  For women shavees, it can perhaps mean something different than men shaving their heads.  For women, hair and their hairstyles often define them or give them character or make them who they are.  They identify with their hair and the look/appearance that hair provides.  So, in many cases, women would never shave their heads bald for many reasons.

Amazing story of a woman who shaves her head at St BaldricksIf you asked me 10 years ago if I could ever shave my head, my answer would’ve probably been ‘no’.  But now, it’s just hair for me.  No matter what hair style is on my head, I am still me inside.  It was a powerful learning experience for my young boys to go through to watch their mom go from medium length hair to a completely bald head.  They’ve had this whole year to watch the growth and the transition.  They certainly know that their mom is still their mom and I’m still the exact same person to them with or without my hair.

A woman's year long journey of growing her hair out after shaving it off to raise money for Childhood Cancer ResearchLiving through this year has been truly … wonderful.

Please watch the video below as it shows the beginning of everything and carries through all year long of different stages of my hair growing back

The support around me was solid and it made all the difference in the world to me.  My friends who came to the event were right there by my side cheering and were right there with hugs when I came off the stage.  They bought me hats to keep my head warm.  My friends and family were there throughout the year.  They were there to tell me how brave I was to do something so bold.  They were there to listen to me, although, I don’t think I ever complained.  They listened to me talk about how fast it was to get ready in the morning as I had no hair to do.  (ha ha)

Bald woman looks like Sinead O'connorBeing bald made people look at me and SEE me.  There were many comments where people said that they had never really looked at my face.  They never really saw my face because they saw my hair.  It forced them to really look at me.  That felt good.  It felt good that people were looking and seeing me.  Hearing that also made me really take a look at people as well.  Funny how experiences and observations of others make one realize that they should or would like to do the same thing.

Okay, well, I sure am rambling on and on.

I just really want to say thank you to my family and friends from the bottom of my heart.  You guys are truly the best family and friends a person could ever ask for.  There is never a moment of doubt or where I question your support and love.

You have to know I love you so much and I would do the same for you.


  1. Pictures #11 and #13, with the faux-hawk are my favorite! You look great with short hair, it really does bring attention to your face.

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