5 Simple Ways to Healthy Food Choices

I am not much of a New Year’s Resolution kind of gal, BUT I knew that I wanted to start eating healthier this year.

I figured if I made 5 small dietary changes, that it would be attainable and I’d be successful at making the shift.  I revert back to when I was training for my bodybuilding competition a few years ago to guide me and to RE-focus me.  It’s not that another bodybuilding competition is in my near future, but when training for one in the past, I lost over 60 pounds in 6 months post partum.

So, I know it’s in me, I have the discipline to lose a few added pounds that I’ve found over the years.

Here’s my vow …

5 Simple Ways to Healthy Food Choices:

1/ Balanced breakfast… I’ve been trapped in to the quick cereal grab, changing that by adding some fresh fruit and some protein

2/ More water… I’m a lover of unsweetened iced tea.  More water less tea for this girl

3/ More salads… I usually forgo lunch for no reason but because I’m too busy. Well, I’m going to throw a salad together and eat the darn thing busy or not.

4/ More protein… Protein shakes are one the easiest ways to get your protein you.  They’re QUICK!!!  They’re EASY!!  No excuses

5/ Snack smarter… I do have a SWEET tooth!  Rather than reaching for the sweets, I’m going to grab a bowl of Quacker Popped Rice Snacks.  There are so many different flavors including chocolate for when my chocolate sweet tooth appears.  I’ve always loved their Caramel Corn flavor and would eat the whole bag if I didn’t have self control!!!


I’m certainly not overweight, well, maybe I am … but I’m comfortable with how I look {for the most part}.  I would love to improve my muscle tone to close to what I’ve experienced in the past, but I know that I’m human.  There are lots of tempting snacks and foods that quite honestly I would completely give in to because life is too short {in my eyes at this time}.  However, for days when I’m actually thinking that I’d like to make healthier choices, etc, my snacks and food choices are going to be from the framework I’ve made above.  LOL!

I guess what I’m saying is that you don’t have to kill yourself craving or driving yourself nuts over what you CAN’T have.  You can actually get satisfied with foods you CAN have and be good.  If you noticed in my list, I’ve ADDED foods and habits to my life.  I didn’t TAKE AWAY stuff I love.  In most people’s minds, once they say they CAN’T have something, they WANT it even more.

Eat more often, you’re body will love you for it!

Just don’t eat cake breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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  1. 60 lbs in 6 months post-partum?! Wow!!

    I’ve made good progress on getting in shape myself by having a banana protein milkshake in the mornings for breakfast. It helps that my protein powder is Belgian Chocolate flavoured. Yum!

    I totally agree that denying yourself bad cravings constantly never gets you anywhere, it just makes eating healthy a chore. Healthy alternatives are win/win: no bitter feelings, and it’s still good for you. .. Or better than the alternative, anyway.

    (P.S. Not trying to enter the sweepstakes here, I’m not even in the US. Cheers!)

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