5 Reasons to Hire an Electrician

You know me as a DIY gal, however electricity is one DIY trick I stay away from.  I have changed the odd light fixture in the past with the thought in the back of my mind that it might catch the house on fire … my own paranoia.

5 reasons to hire an electrician

Five reasons to hire an electrician:

1-  You don’t want an electrical fire.

2- You have a job bigger than you’re willing to DIY.

3- You want to switch your switches out to dimmers.

4- You bought a new house and it needs upgrades or you simply want a change.

5-  Your lights have been flickering and you don’t feel safe.

5 reasons to hire an electrician

 Oh, there’s a 6th reason … Electricians have amazing ‘belts’ 😉

Check out my hunky electrician’s BIG ‘belt’…

5 reasons to hire an electricianWe have hired my hunky electrician twice for 2 of the above reasons.  Once to change out our ugly kitchen light fixtures and ADD recessed lighting.   The other was to change the switches to dimmers in our kitchen and in our dining room.  I kind of loved it when he was here because he explained what and why he was doing what he was doing.  He was patient with my boys and with me asking questions.  I’m kinda nosey and the boys are just inquisitive.

5 reasons to hire an electricianI’m glad we hired him for so many reasons.  It’s not easy for me to fork out money when I am such a DIYer, but I’m glad I got over myself and paid someone to do our electrical work.  Nothing scares me more than an electrical fire … or being electrocuted … who am I kidding.

5 reasons to hire an electricianYou can hire him to and save yourself from being ZAPPED!!!! if you live in the Denver metro area.  Learn more about my hunky electrician on his website: Electrical Teacher.  Or contact my hunky and SMART MASTER electrician at craig@electricalteacher.com


  1. Hey, I know your electrician – and I think you should add “epic beard” and “infectious laugh” to your list of reasons to hire him. 😉

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