What does brave mean to you? Bravery is viewed differently from individual’s eyes given their life experience. We can all agree on that, right?

‘Brave’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

I asked this question on my personal facebook page, “When you think of the word ‘Brave’, what comes to your mind? Something you’ve seen someone do? Something you’ve done? Is a specific someone?”, and here are the brave responses…

RS said, “Risk, standing up for your beliefs.”

CF said, “CHD kids, their parents and siblings. Astounding bravery in those families.”

NC said, “some times brave is just getting out of bed to face the day”

CS said, “Doing what’s difficult”

CP said, “Being afraid but doing it anyway! Your “why” is bigger than fear!”

GA said, “Sacrifice and selflessness..”

NI said, “Children fighting and surviving cancer!”

CC said, “my friend facing single parenthood after the sudden death of her life partner pushing through the grief to be a great mom while she operates with a broken heart.”

TB said, “Personally for me it’s walking through “any” Fear whether it be big or small to the other side with Faith … knowing that Gods got my Back ????????????⚜️????????????”

MW said, “Facing a serious illness with a smile and cheery attitude “

DM said, “I’m brave because 20 years ago when my mom past I had to take care of her. She couldnt talk or walk or anything. Was very hard for a 23 year old. I definately grew up fast. She past when i was 24 and doing what i had to do made me who I am today!!! Love all women who are brave!!! My mom was one of them!! Xo”

How brave of them to answer with their honest answers!

Very thoughtful and thought provoking.

I asked this question because I really wanted to know what it meant to others as I know what it means to me.


Recently, Today, I’m Brave, a nonprofit organization, reached out to me to ask me if I’d like to be an ambassador for them.  I didn’t think twice before answering them with a big fat YES!

be brave They asked me to share what brave meant to me.

Here is the video that was shot for Today, I’m Brave.

Please watch it and leave a comment on how YOU are brave…

I love my family and I see every single one of them as brave in their way.  Truly, people everywhere do brave things.  Some appear braver than others.  Always remember, the slightest appearing act of bravery for someone might be the bravest action they have imagined doing.  And then there are others on the far end of the spectrum who do obvious appearing hard things every day and see it as an everyday thing like putting pants on.

When you visit the Today, I’m Brave website, you can view many other’s brave stories, learn about the mission and how it started, and you can also pick up a tshirt like the one I’m wearing.  By purchasing a Today, I’m Brave tshirt, you’d be helping so many people, not to mention how cool you’d look in it!!  I wear mine all the time, honestly, to the point that my kids ask me if I have any other tshirts. hahaha

Just remember, we all do hard things.  We should be proud of our lives and how our journey has led us up to this point in life.  If things are going the way you envisioned your life would go, be brave and change that direction to go in the way you want it too.  We are strong and brave.  Remember that.

xo Tara