I’d love to personally invite you to the upcoming RAW Denver present SAVOR art show!

RAW Denver is November 9, 2017 at 7pm.

RAW art shows feature various artists ranging from performers, visual artists, fashion designers, DJ’s, film, hair and makeup, photographers … ALL this artistic talent in one place?!  Are you kidding me?

RAW currently operates in over 60 cities across the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK!

Click here for tickets –> RAW:Denver presents SAVOR featuring Tara Rex

RAW Denver presents Tara Rex, artistHow exciting is this?

You will see and be able to purchase my artwork and other’s artwork as well at the show.  It is at a nightclub establishment, so you do have to be over 21 to attend.

Why am I so excited about this venue?

Because it is so different than any other art show out there.  A lot of times, art show are hosted at a school or at a church.  Well … this one is technically being held at ‘The Church’ Nightclub right here in Denver.  Does that count?  LOL

 This RAW art show is going to have a completely different vibe to it.  It’s going to be dark, there’ll be alcoholic beverages available, there’ll be a beat from the DJ’s and performing artists kickin’ it, art everywhere to be seen everywhere!  Chain link fences to display our work, spotlights to highlight our art … just a super funky vibe all the way around!!  I cannot wait!!!

I will be bringing a lot of my art to this show.  In saying that, the various pieces I bring will appeal to different people.  There’ll be some larger art pieces, some smaller, some wearable art … If you’ve followed my taradaramadeit instagram account, you will have seen all the artistic mediums I’ve had my hands in.

Is there anything of mine specifically you’d like to see at the RAW:Denver art show?

If so, please leave a comment below or on my facebook or instagram accounts.

Please support me by purchasing tickets at http://www.rawartists.org/taradara

I need to sell at least 20 tickets by November 5th!  Please purchase them through the link or look up my name on their site so I get credit for the sale.  They’re $22/each and $30 at the door.  We do not get credit for door ticket sales.