The Ringling Bros show was just here in Denver and what a show it was!!!

Our boys always enjoy going to the circus, this one was pretty cool and fitting as they had skaters!!  Something we have never seen at the circus before!  With the boys playing hockey and being great skaters themselves, they were certainly entertained by the amazingly talented performers they saw at the show!  For the first time, the show featured thrill skaters – and acts will seamlessly transition from floor to air to ice, a feat never before done in Ringling Bros.

Ringling Bros circusAnd, of course, what would a circus be without clowns?  These ones were so funny!!!  The boys thoroughly enjoyed watching them!!!

Ringling Bros circusThe new show entitled, Out Of This World is being called the largest refresh in the the Ringling Bros’ nearly 150 year history. It is a multi-sensory show featuring immersive technology, an interactive, action-packed, and space-age storyline, and unbelievable performances by gravity-defying acrobats, majestic animals and hilarious clowns.

Ringling Bros circus

These contortionists were outstanding.  They made us all say outloud, “Do they have spines?”  LOL!  They were phenomenal.

There weren’t any elephants this year.  It was interesting as the boys picked up on it and mentioned their observation while we were driving home.  But there were lions!!!

Ringling Bros circus

Here are some videos to watch! We took some, but it was difficult to get a good focus in the dark.  So, enjoy the ones below 😉

Out Of This World is unlike anything ever seen in Ringling Bros. history. The show captivates audiences with its first-ever character-driven storyline and ice performances that invite fans to follow a heroic quest of good versus evil on an intergalactic adventure. Find a fun sneak peek here & behind-the-scenes here

Be sure to check out when the Ringling Bros Out of this World is coming to a town near you.