Painted jeans make a statement!!!

Why don’t you paint your jeans and make them unique just like you?paint your jeansThe girls from FIX THIS on 9 News Denver had me on to teach them how to paint jeans!

Worth a watch to learn how to paint your jeans

painted jeansI’ve been on a cherry blossom painting kick lately.

I bet you have a pair of jeans that you love but never wear for various reasons, why don’t you paint them and make them amazing again!!

My boys love to help me with the first step of splattering the paint.  This is a fun step!!!

painted jeans

painted jeans

If you’re reading this and am thinking to yourself that this might not be something you’d do yourself…

For those who LOVE these painted jeans, but have no desire to paint them …

You’re in luck!!  Please email me at for details about how I can paint them for you!

I use fabric paint for the blossoms and just regular latex paint for the white paint splatter.  You can find the fabric paint at any craft store or on Amazon

The colors I use are the matte white, pomegranate, various pinks, and a black for the branches.

These are (affiliate) links to amazon that you can use to look around to find the colors you might like as well.

paint your jeansPlease make sure to PIN some photos for you to come back to when you’re ready to paint your own jeans!!

paint your jeansI have been painting the jeans I’ve bought at Goodwill with cherry blossoms and they are rockin!

painted jeansYou don’t have to spend a ton of money to have stylin jeans.

Going to Goodwill saves me hundreds of dollars while being able to purchase brand name jeans.  The best part of all of this is that if you don’t like the painted jeans you just created, you’re not out too much money!

Some of my painted jeans get turned into shorts for reasons such as the leg being too wide at the bottom, but they fit just right in other places.

Paint your jeansThere are some Goodwills that have .99 cent sales on jeans, of which, I try to partake in as much as possible.

I’ve also painted just the bottom of some of my jeans.  Turn the jeans inside out and paint about 8-10″ up to allow for the cuffs.

painted jeans

painted jeans

For more information on how I can paint your jeans for you, please email me at