Places to visit in Albuquerque are in abundance and fun for the whole family.  I have included 5 of my top picks … plus a bonus at the end!

When we lived there, the boys were little and our days could easily be filled with things to do with kids.

The Albuquerque Convention & Visitor’s Bureau is a great resource when planning your trip to New Mexico.

Sandia Peak Tram

The Sandia Peak Tram is celebrating 50 years! 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMThe tram has served over 11 million people during those 50 years, including the likes of Australian, Hugh Jackman (whom we missed by a week!! Bummer!), Arnold Schwarzenegger, and others.  During the tram ride up the mountain, the attendant shares facts about Albuquerque as well as other touch points while riding.5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMThe 2 retired gondolas displayed at the foot of the hill.  They look pretty fantastic for being 30 years old and having transported millions of people up and down the mountain.5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMOnce up at the top, prepare to have your breath taken away, not from the thin air at 10,000+ feet, but from the beauty you see all around you. It’s like a mix of gorgeous green from the trees with a sea of blue within the city limits topped with the stunning New Mexico skies.5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NM At the top of the mountain, It is a bit cooler, which is commonly welcomed by most in the warm summer heat, just be prepared if you’re traveling up during the spring, fall, winter months. 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NM There is a nice restaurant at the top of the tram to eat and enjoy the view from.  It is known to have a few (or a lot) engagements occur as it has the perfect backdrop to a memorable romantic moment. 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NM On the other side of the mountain is the Sandia Peak ski area.

Many snowboarders and skiers will access the tram to get up the mountain rather than driving around and up. 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NM This was actually one of the reasons why the tram was built to give skiers and snowboarders a quicker way to get there.  During the non-snowy months, many will take the tram up and run down or vice versa (I say they might be a little bit crazy, but they’re sure to be in great shape!!)


Explora! Is a serious playground for the curious minds!  Here you’ll see your little person’s engineering mind come to 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque

You’ll see your playful side come out.  You’ll watch learning at work and your kids won’t even know it!  How sweet is that?  Learning without even realizing it and they think it’s just FUN!!!  WIN WIN WIN!!  top 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueThis place is so unique aside from all the wonderful areas, it has the largest elevator I have seen in my life! No joke, friends!!!  We almost go now to ride the elevator (kidding, well, I do).

Explora! has so many kinetic learning areas which is so perfect for the way my boys learn which is why this place is such a hit with them.

Albuquerque Aquarium and BioPark

The Albuquerque Aquarium and Biopark are in the same area and you can easily hit both of them in the same day.

We used to spend HOURS there when we lived there!  HOURS!!!  5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMThe aquarium isn’t the largest you may have seen, but it has fantastic exhibits and an abundance of sealife. 5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NM

The Albuquerque BioPark has recently opened its newest exhibit ‘Bugarium’.

5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMNow before you cringe and say ‘ew’ (cause I’m the same way), it is actually pretty cool.  At the entrance, working ants welcome you.  You can literally watch these ants transport leaves/food to their home.  It is like watching ‘A Bug’s Life’ in real life, it’s truly fascinating!!

Aside from the ants, there are exhibits that made me want to look to find all the insects in the cage because of their amazing innate ability to camouflage!  Of course, the boys had much fun in trying to ‘gross mom out’ … in which they succeeded, but knowing the bugs are in cages and cannot even remotely try to startle me made it all that much easier to stomach.

Moving past the Bugarium, there are many areas of the Biopark to visit and take in.

There is a quaint little hobby farm tucked in the back where you can see ducks, turkeys, cows, and chickens.  5 things to do with kids in Albuquerque, NMIt also has a vineyard next to the hobby farm.  There is a Japanese garden, a butterfly exhibit, and a model train that houses Thomas the Train (which was always such a hit with the boys when they were little).

The Biopark also has music in the park on Thursday evenings that were always fun to watch when we lived there and would be as a visitor as well.  You can bring beverages and food to enjoy while listening to the band.


Tinkertown is another great attraction for kids in the Albuquerque area.  top 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueThis unique place has all handmade and carved toys and mechanisms that will easily peak your interest.  top 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueIt costs only $2.00 to get in and you can easily spend the better part of a day here.

Like the Biopark, it also has some livestock to experience and watch.  top 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueThis place will certainly stick in your memory as one of the quirkiest places you visited during your trip to Albuquerque.

Albuquerque Zoo

We went the Albuquerque Zoo at least once a week where they could easily see different parts of the park each time we went.  In my opinion, the Albuquerque Zoo has the best in park train that we have seen.  It goes throughout the whole park and the conductor shares facts about the zoo and it’s animals, it’s like a mini tour!

Aside from the train, it also has a wonderful outdoor play area for kids who might just need a break to run, climb, and be silly.  During the warmer months, which is pretty much throughout the year, it has a splash pad right in front of the outdoor play area.  We always have such a great experience when we visit the zoo.

Oh, and, you can feed the ducks so be sure to bring some stale (or fresh) bread!!

Bonus!! – Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

The first fall I spent in Albuquerque, I remember the very first time I saw the Balloon Fiesta on the television thinking to myself how amazing it would be to attend such a spectacular event!  My friend asked if I wanted to go and my eyes got as big as saucers, my reply was, “Where is it?  It’s here in Albuquerque????”  LOL  I had no idea.

So we went and it was ah-mazing!!!  Truly one of my FAVORITE things to do every 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueIn fact, there is the cutest hot air balloon pair called the kissing bees.  top 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueThey would ascend arm in arm and part ways once up in the 5 things to do with kids in AlbuquerqueI painted the kissing bumble bees on my son’s wall in his nursery!albuquerque balloon fiestaYou can plan your trip to Albuquerque during Balloon Fiesta here!