When you are starting out on social media for your business, it can be so overwhelming.  Which should I start with?  What will be the best ROI?  How much time will I spend on each site?  Do I have time for every platform?  Don’t stress, it’s okay not to jump on all of them at once and know what you’re doing.

Reserve your business name

My advice to the business owner who is new to the whole social media ‘thing’ is to go to each one and ‘reserve’ your business name.  This way, when you decide that you’re ready to tackle the whole social media world, you will have your business name congruent on all platforms.  Now this is in a perfect world, right.  If your business name is taken in some of the social media platforms, you have a good chance of at least getting something remotely close.  Once you have your names/pages on the different social media sites, you can let them sit.  Just remember to record your username and password somewhere safe.

Figuring out which social media network works best for your business

In saying this, you don’t have to tackle Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, LinkedIN, YouTube, StumbleUpon all at one time.  You can play around on a few, figure out what best suits your company for the time and roll with it.  Then, when you feel proficient in one or two areas and find the courage {and time} to conquer the next, you will have your ‘home’, your business name/page already there.  Or you might choose to stay with one or two if you find that are you having the best success with them.  You can pay attention to your stats {Google Analytics is a great way to track where traffic is coming from }.

What works for one business doesn’t always work for another, you will know what works for you and your business.

Once you feel you’re comfortable in as many social media platforms as you want to be and recognize what client base follows you where, you can target your posts.  You might find that on one social media platform that you have like minded followers in your industry.  Another, you may have followers who are customers.  One, you may have a mix of both these demographics plus friends and family.  You will then better realize what will peak their interest and better streamline your posts.  You might also notice what times and days to post on different social media sites … but that’s down the road.

Streamlining your social media workflow

A tool that is used commonly for maximizing your time and posting to multiple areas at once is Hootsuite.  You link all your social media sites to Hootsuite and you can choose which sites you want posts to go to and you can schedule them.  Okay, that is another post, but it’s important to know that you don’t need to work all social media sites at once when you’re first starting out.  Even when you have established yourself, you still do not have to stretch yourself and feel like you’re always in front of the computer when you could be focusing on your business.

You can do this!

Go at your pace.  There are lots of information online that you can research on “how to’s”.  Don’t feel pressured to do it all at once, but just try to register at least to reserve your name.  You will be great!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  taradaramadeit@gmail.com