Yes, you read that right.

St Baldricks Day is coming up.

Head shaving is about to happenWhat is St Baldricks?

Take a look…

You can help.

Donate … or join our team and shave your head too!

This is something that is very exciting for me.  We have a little 6 year old boy at my boys’ school who is going his THIRD round with leukemia.  He will be getting a stem cell transplant in the very near future.

This is my why.

What’s more is that for the last couple of years, my youngest boy and Jaiden played together in the playground as their older siblings went inside to school.  Matthew will hug Jaiden just walking by him.  It’s really interesting to see the dynamic between 2 little boys that they probably are so oblivious to.  I see it because Matthew is not that kind of boy, that’s what makes it so special and warms my heart to no end.
So, our team is Team Jaiden’s Big Dream.  Here is the link to the page …
Come by and support me (aka hold me)
Fado Irish Pub (Denver)

1735 19th St
Denver, CO US