How exciting is this???!!!  My 3 of a Kind Christmas stocking design is on the cover of Sew News!!

Sew exciting!!

I keep thinking in my crazy little head, “I’m on the cover of the Rolling Stone!!!”


What a surprise and a true honor to be right there!!!!

Taradara is on the cover of Sew News Magazine!I can imagine now what’s like for new artists to hear their song on the radio for the very first time!  {this isn’t quite near as exciting but it’s pretty close for a small town girl like me!}

Go to Sew and you can see all the creative articles in this edition set to be on newsstands this week.

Here’s a full picture of the lovelies….

Taradara Christmas stocking design is on the cover of Sew News

The colors and designs add an eclectic flair to Christmas decor.  Gone are the days of simple green and red, aren’t they?!  Splashes of non-traditional Christmas colors amongst home decor adds interest that’s pleasing to the eye.

What do you think about these Christmas stockings?

Would you like them in your home?  What colors would you use?