I’ve completed my first week of four wearing my PROSKINS leggings to assist with my getting rid of cellulite.

I have loved the COMFORT of my leggings!!!  I’m one of those gals who likes to come home from a day of errands or work and change in to my ‘comfy clothes’.  I change in to my PROSKINS leggings everyday and wear them all evening AND sleep in them.

Lose cellulite!  Take the Proskins 28 Day Challenge - I lost 3" in one week!!!!

The goal is to wear them daily for at least 8 hours in a 24 hour period.  I have been able to do this even in the peak of SUMMER.  They have a thermoregulating entity in them the fabric makeup which keeps you cool in the heat of summer days.

The fit of my leggings are perfect!  They’re not too tight and not too loose.  The best part is … they don’t roll or flip down when I bend down or over to pick something up.  So, I’m not constantly adjusting my legging’s waist for comfort.

Here’s my measurement comparison last week to this week …

                          Last week          This week

Hips:                     38                      37.5

Upper thigh:      24.75                 24

Above Knee:       17.75                 17.5

Under Knee:       13.5                  13.5

Calf:                        15                       15

Total inches lost:  3″ (both my legs lost an inch! and .5 off the good ol’ hips!)


Okay, I am going to wear them for 3 more weeks!  It’ll be interesting to see what happens!!

I don’t think I can say that I notice a difference in the cellulite, but it’s only the first week!!

I have been walking slightly more this past week than I have lately and I have been paying better attention to what I eat.  I wouldn’t say that I’m ‘dieting’, I’m simply more mindful at the moment.

Lose cellulite!  Take the Proskins 28 Day Challenge

**Disclaimer:  I was provided a pair of leggings in exchange for posting.  All my opinions and comments are my own.