I had the pleasure of going to the Sew News studios and taping 2 one hour segments for Daily Craft TV!!!

Taradara on Daily Craft TV

It was so great to have hair and make up done once again!  It’s always so nice to not have to do it yourself!  Sorry for the grainy picture … iPhone snapshot …

Taradara at Sew News studios getting hair and make up done

I got to tape with Nikki of Sew News, she was a great host and kept things moving along smoothly.  Isn’t she a doll!  I think next time, I’ll wear heels!  And we’ll take the picture together at the BEGINNING of the shoot so I’m fresh!  Talking all day took a lot out of me … who knew that could be possible???!!!

Craft projects on Daily Craft TV

An hour is a LONG time to tape without many cuts!!!  We pretty much tape the whole segment continuously, so it doesn’t leave much room for flub ups.

Heres’s a pull back of the set from the back.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Craft projects on Daily Craft TV

Be sure to watch for my Make Up Pouch tutorial

Craft projects on Daily Craft TV: How to make a Make Up Pouch by Tara Rex

and my cute colorful Applique Towels on the site soon.

Craft projects on Daily Craft TV: How to applique cute colorful Hand Towels by Tara Rex

I will ALSO have the DVDs available for sale on my site as soon as they come available!!!

I’ll be GIVING some away as well!!  

So be sure to check back!

Very exciting!!!