What does Django Unchained, Shark Tank, The Newsroom, and Saturday Night Live have in common?

Their cast {and more} have all now held Taradara products AND they all are owners of Taradara products!!

The whole Golden Globe Gifting Experience was amazing and a LOT of work.  However, it was certainly ALL worth every little bit of it.

Took a look at why it is all worth it right here ….

2 of the Django Unchained cast members posed with a Taradara kindle cover

Dennis Christopher from Django Unchained now actually is using this very kindle cover because he went home with it.

Rex Linn poses with the same kindle cover as Dennis Christopher.  He is one tall dude {and I was in a pair of my tallest heals!}.  How sweet is he how he got right down to pose!  We had a great conversation about our names.  He dug the ‘T Rex’!!!


Last year, part of my journey had a Shark Tank chapter in it.  I was contacted after applying to be on Shark Tank and went through several phases, but in the end, that chapter closed and I did not make it LA to be on the show {read about it here}.  But imagine my chagrin to see Robert Herjavec coming up to our booth?  Wow!  I could hardly believe my fate to see and have dialogue with this man!!  I knew exactly what I was going to say to him, and it was great!!

I introduced myself and of course immediately talked about our similarity of being from the same country, Canada.  We then talked about Shark Tank and had a great conversation about it.  His wife is a doll as well!  It was truly a pleasure to meet this man!!


The Newsroom cast came through the lounge throughout the day.

 I was so grateful when Allison Pill chose my iPad cover to pose with.  Not only is she adorable, but she is also a fellow Canadian!!!

She looked amazing in her gorgeous red number on the 2013 Golden Globe Red Carpet on Sunday.


Some of you will know this Saturday Night Live icon, Garrett Morris.

 He wanted my iPad cover he posed with, so, of course, he went home with it!  Who am I to say no to this funny man?!

We also had a connection with his name and a certain someone in my life, so we had fun comparing spellings and talking about his name.


As you can well imagine, there were a LOT more celebrities that came through.  I was enamored by the Grey’s Anatomy cast that came by as I am a HUGE fan!  ‘Adele’ is so super sweet in person!!!  The beautiful Dr Avery was there too! ahhhhh….

Oh and I have to share one last photo with you … ARE YOU READY?????

The handsome and smooth Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore giving me a hug!  He also has a Taradara product now!!

Here’s a photo you might recognize of him …


{you’re welcome to look at more of him here}

{you’re welcome, ladies}


This was so much fun!  Thank you for ALL of your love and support.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your support puts the wind in my sails.  You have no idea, truly, what your comments and support do for me.  They inspire me to go farther, to do more, and to ‘top’ myself in my goals and successes.  I am completely humbled by this amazing experience and feel so lucky to have had something like this happen to such a small town girl who grew up in BC, Canada.

Opportunities have knocked.  I have answered and I have walked in … and introduced myself.

That’s how it happens.

xo Tara