With much anticipation, I went to our local book store, found Pinterest for Business by Jess Loren and Ed Swiderski {from ABC’s Bachelor Pad and The Bachelorette}, took it off the shelf…

found a quiet place to sit …

… opened it and here’s what I found!

I felt like I was Charlie from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, opening his chocolate bar looking for the golden ticket, and FINDING it!

Then, as if it wasn’t awesome enough, they quoted me outside the Q & A portion I was included in!  I was about to have a heart attack!  So, amazing!!

I can’t wait to actually read the book!  It has so many tips for business owners on how to use Pinterest to increase reach, conversions, exposure, and so much more.  But, of course, my focus the other night was finding all the spots where my name was mentioned … yes, I’m like a kid.  But, it’s so exciting!!!!!

They’re having a launch party later this month, they’ve invited all the contributors to it.  Should I go?  I feel like I was ‘small fish’ in the book, but I’m still in it!!!  It would be great to meet everyone.

I’m in print, people!

My first book contribution!

Can you believe it?

xo Tara