During my journey, I have really thought about how I’ve designed my path.

How did I get to where I am?

What did I do to get here?

Where have I been?

I’m a FIRM believer in the power of the written word.

It’s a form of ‘putting it out there’ to the universe.  Of course, writing my goals down within a reasonable and attainable range is ideal.  Although, I’m sure if I wrote down that I would like to own a Million Dollar Company, it just might happen.

hmmm … I think I have a task tonight …


This is something that I wrote over 25 years ago.

I was in the 5th grade and our assignment was to write a letter to a penpal from a foreign country.  Great project, right …

But before that, I want to share something with you, it’ll make more sense ….

The summer after our 2nd son was born, we went ‘home’ to visit my family in Canada.  I had just competed in my very first bodybuilding competition.  I had always wanted to compete, but never had fully commited.  I wanted a way to lose my ‘baby weight’ as I had gained 60 pounds!!  YIKES!

So, what better way to do it than to train for a Natural Bodybuilding Competition, right?


So, 7 months post C-section, I competed.

Here I am with my boy and husband when I was about 8 months pregnant

8 months pregnantHere I am with my trainer, Lee, and one of his other clients, Jenny

natural bodybuildingAnd here I am on competition day, just 7 months after I delivered M …..

natural bodybuilding

natural bodybuilding

natural bodybuildingOne of the most PROUDEST moments in.my.life.

natural bodybuildingHere’s N and I, he’s almost 3 here … how the time flies.

M, the 7 month old baby, was sleeping already.

natural bodybuildingI earned 3 trophies that day …

1st in Lightweight Women’s Open

3rd in Novice Womens

Best Women’s Posing Routine

Yep, I AM so proud!!!

My friends and family came to the competition and cheered for me.  They knew how hard I trained and wanted this.

One of the BEST days of my life.

Getting back to the ‘power of the written word’ …. I had no idea that I had written over 25 years ago.  And, look, it came true!!!

My parents held on to some of mine and my brothers school work.  And my mom kept the penpal assignment I had written in Grade 5.  It was funny because I had never really gone through all of my old school work until then.

I came across this paper and couldn’t believe what I had written and what I had JUST done ….

Well, I wrote that I was “going to be a bodybuilder when I grow up in my spare time”.  I was 10!

natural bodybuilding

Strange to some …. maybe?

Coincidence, perhaps?

But what’s so incredible to me is the timing and how I had just finished the competition and I had found this …

what’s more than that is my mom kept this particular paper!  Crazy!!!

xo Tara